Blog Wireless Printer Review: Lexmark X7675

    Wireless Printer Review: Lexmark X7675

    We like the X7675’s style as it looks clean and modern. It comes with lots of curves that smooth out the edges, which make it look streamlined, and the black nicely accentuates the silver. Paper is fed from the slim back-loading tray. The lower tray pulls out from within the lower opening, and the control panel can be flipped out as well. The controls on the panel are beautifully laid out and easy to use, although its rotated position covering the lower tray does obstruct getting the print-outs just, a little bit. Once rotated out, we found the panel hard to put back, there’s no obvious release or catch, so you just have to push the swiveling bit in and force the panel back down.

    Luckily, the print speeds on the X7675 more than make up for everything. The X7675 prints out documents and photos at top-notch speeds, even when printing duplex, which is still not a common feature for inkjet printers. Text quality is acceptable. When zoomed up close, it seems to have a slight shadow trailing its edges.

    While adequate for home use, the X7675 has some major drawbacks in this department. For one, it doesn’t seem to play well with other brands of photo paper, from competitors or a variety of third party manufacturers. When printing with other photo papers, the X7675 produced artifacts like lines of blank dots on a photo, along with heavy color saturation, and slow-drying ink that smudges if touched too early. The results are a lot better with Lexmark’s own photo paper, although we still saw artifacts like print lines in some photos.

    This is one printer where the recommendation that you use the manufacturers’ paper for best results really holds weight. Secondly, the black and white purist will also note that the X7675’s black and white prints, aren’t pure black and white, but have colorcasts. Last but not the least, scanning documents also produces better results than scanning photos, which is a little bit too noisy for our tastes.

    Because it deals with documents more capably when compared to its photo printing abilities, the X7675 makes us think of it as best suited for the home office or small office setup, as compared to the multimedia-centric usage patterns found in most home setups.

    As such, with its wide versatility which includes faxing, copying and scanning, a convenient wireless connection, and duplexing capabilities, the X7675 should do well in any office.

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