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    Why You Should Use a Wireless Printer

    The advantages of a wireless printer.

    A wireless printer can add a great deal of flexibility and convenience to your home computer use or home office. More households then ever have multiple computers and a wireless printer can be a great asset to a household with multiple computers.


    A wireless printer when set up properly allows multiple computers to print from the same printer. If you have a laptop and a desktop or if you have other household members with computers, sharing a single standard printer can be near impossible.

    But a wireless printer means that you don’t have to manually connect a computer to the printer each time someone wants to print and you don’t have to worry as much about having printer drivers and the right cables. A wireless network in your home can facilitate this set up.

    Save money

    A wireless printer can save your household money. Instead of needing a printer for each computer or laptop in the house, you can purchase one quality wireless printer to meet everyone’s printing needs. Plus since you’ll have just one printer you’ll only need to buy ink and paper for one printer instead of multiple printers.

    On top of that you’ll only be powering one printer instead of say three printers, saving electricity in the process. And if you print often, you’ll save money by not having to go to the local library or school to pay 10 cents a page to print out what you need.

    No cables

    Besides the power cable and the cable connected to the wireless router, you won’t need any physical connection between your computer(s) and your wireless printer. The big advantage here is that you’ll free up USB ports on your desktop or laptop.

    Many printers today use USB connectivity vs. the older serial connections and with so many devices today using USB connections, eliminating the printer connection is a good move. For those who could use serial connections, consider that hardly any printer comes with the cables and those cables can easily run 20-30 dollars a piece. Wireless printers eliminate the need to wire your printer to your computer.

    More devices

    As technology continues to advance, a wireless printer can be used to connect to a variety of wireless devices that are capable of sending text and images to the printer. Digital cameras, laptops, and even some cell phones can find and access wireless printers and send your photos or emails to the wireless printer for printing.

    So not only will you be able to print from multiple computers and laptops, you’ll also be able to print direct from certain media devices such as your digital camera.

    Eliminate wires, save money, print from multiple devices, and more by using a wireless printer.

    You’ll need a router to set up the wireless network. Also any computers connecting to the wireless will need a wireless network card. Most laptops have these built in. You’ll also need to select a wireless printer which many printer makers now offer. ?

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