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    What You Should Look for in a Photo ID Card Printer?

    When you’re looking for a Photo ID Card Printer, there are a number of things you should look for, including the print quality, how sharp the images are, whether or not it prints single or double-sided ID cards, printers with overlaminate capacities.

    Print quality of your ID Card Printer

    The quality of the printer is extremely important because it can make the difference between clean, sharp graphic elements and smudged or feathered colors and graphics. Both Fargo and Zebra make excellent lines of printers, and even their most inexpensive printers are a sure bet. Do the research and figure out which printers have the best image quality and the least smudging, running, or feathering.

    How sharp the images and graphics are printed on your ID Card

    Especially necessary if clarity and sharpness are important for your images, or if you have small text and numbers that need to be readily visible, razor sharp printing is essential to the creation of your ID card. If you can’t read the information and the picture is blurry, the effectiveness of the ID card is heavily diminished.

    If your Photo ID Card printer prints double-sided, single-sided, or both

    This is an element that is often overlooked when an individual buys a Photo ID Card printer. Double-sided refers to printing on both sides of a card. The front is usually in color with an image, and the back is in black and white. An example might be a driver’s license.

    Single-sided refers to printing only on one side of the card. Examples of single0sided ID cards might be student body cards and other forms of school or child identification.

    Double-sided printers usually cost more than single-sided printers, so figuring out which one you need is essential. Of course, there are also printers that print both double-sided and single-sided ID cards-you simply have to adjust the settings.

    Whether or not you need a printer with overlaminate capacities

    You need to decide whether you want to invest in a printer that is compatible with overlaminates. Many Photo ID Cards are laminated to protect against aging, yellowing from UV light, and ensuring more durability.

    Deciding whether or not you need this feature is essential to buying a Photo ID Card printer. If you require or want the overlaminate option, you need to get a printer that has overlamination capabilities or is compatible with ribbons with O (overlaminate) panels .

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