What Samsung is really selling in Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has come with a lot of new hardware and software features, but if you have looked into the features you can find easily that Samsung has given more attention to software instead of hardware. They think that adding value via software is really attracting customers. Samsung has realized that an average person doesn’t flip out over the fact that a Smartphone has 2GB RAM or it has android 4.2 VS 4.1. They look at the fact that they can turn the page without touching the screen and other cool features like that.
Let’s have a brief look upon new features of Galaxy S4. First of them is “smart Pause” which will pause the video when you look away from the display and resume playing it when you look back. The next one is called “air view” which controls the device without touching it. “Watch ON” feature can be used to control the TV. There is an optical reader to scan business cards. “Group play” allows you to play music together on multiple devices or you can also play the same game on multiple devices. “Dual Shot” allows you to use the front facing camera and back facing camera at the same time. By using “ChatON” you can video chat with your friends and share screen with them. “S Translator” can translate your text into many languages. It does exactly what Google translator does live. “S Health” has been added to monitor physical goals.
If you look at all these things, it is pretty obvious that Samsung is clearly making a move towards value-added by software instead of value added by hardware. That’s what Galaxy S4 features explain. Do you agree?

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