Blog web page printing (Printer Basics)

    web page printing (Printer Basics)

    Printing Web pages is not a simple job. Usually Web pages are designed to be displayed on a screen only. Therefore you have to face the following problems:
    • The screen’s format differs from the format of a sheet of paper, even when you use the landscape format.
    • Often Web pages show bright letters in front of a dark background.
    A printout may need much toner or ink as well as the printout might
    be difficult to read.
    • The pictures or graphics on a Web page normally have a resolution optimised for the display on a screen. As printers work with a
    higher resolution, the outcome might be of a much lower quality.
    • Information referring to the same topic is often spread over several
    Web pages connected by hyperlinks, so you might have to print
    every single Web page individually.
    The problems of printing Web pages are known to Web designers. Some of them might offer you two versions of a Web page, one optimised for being displayed on the screen and one for printing. If you want to print out a Web page, look out for a link that leads you to
    the print version. Some problems, e.g. the lower resolution of online pictures, cannot be solved. Certain problems can be solved if you choose the right options offered by your Web browser.
    Different browsers offer different options. The following explains the most important options offered by Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
    Before you actually start the print job, you can choose certain options
    either in the Page Setup Dialog or in the Print Dialog.
    Open the Page Setup or the Print Dialog from the File menu. Both
    dialogs may offer some of the printer options besides the ones
    referring specially to Websites. Choose,
    • which information has to appear in the header and the footer of the
    page, e.g. the URL or the title of the Web page
    • whether the Web page has to be scaled to fit the paper format
    • whether the background has to be printed or not and whether the
    letters are to be printed in black.
    Web pages containing frames:
    • choose if only the marked frame is to be printed, all frames should
    be printed individually or the whole page as it is displayed on the
    Web pages containing hyperlinks:
    • choose whether the corresponding Web pages are to be printed
    within the same print job.

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