Blog Walgreens' Printer Ink Refill Service is a Must-Try

    Walgreens’ Printer Ink Refill Service is a Must-Try

    The cost of purchasing a brand new cartridge of printer ink is often expensive, depending on the type of printer you own. Because of this I had been taking my printer ink cartridges to an ink cartridge refill center. However, the printer ink refill center was not located in a convenient area and so I found that I had to make a special trip just to go there every time my printer ink cartridge was running low on ink. Enter Walgreens and their new printer cartridge ink refill service. I felt excited for the fact that there is a Walgreens on just about every corner of my neighborhood and that the prices were reasonable. As for the actual service, you will just have to read on.

    Let’s first start off with the basics. The cost of having your printer cartridges refilled with ink is just $10 for black ink cartridges and $25 for color ink cartridges (prices may vary by location). The service is usually fast; our printer ink cartridges were filled within ten minutes on our last visit to Walgreens. Your printer ink cartridges will come with green caps to keep the ink from smudging your fingers or leaking out of the cartridge.

    When we brought our newly refilled printer ink cartridges back home from Walgreens we immediately placed them into the printer to test out the ink. The pages we printed all came out just fine. There were no smudges or faded looking letters on the papers and so we were happy. Then after just a few times of printing our pages were not printing correctly. When we took the ink cartridges out of the printer to inspect them we noticed that the ink was leaking from the printer cartridge. After cleaning the leaked printer ink off of the cartridge the pages once again printed fine. All other pages have printed fine since then as well.

    We have never experienced the problem above with the other printer ink refill service center mentioned earlier in the article. I would not let the problem above steer you away from trying Walgreens’ printer ink refill service though. Just make sure to let the staff at Walgreens know about the problem so that they can fix it, if it should happen.

    The price of the service along with the speed makes Walgreens printer ink refill service a must-try for those interested in refilling their printer cartridges rather than buying new ones.

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