Used Inkjet Printer Cartridges Mean Good Money

One person’s trash really is another person’s treasure. For example, consider empty printer ink cartridges. There is big business in refilling and reselling empty ink cartridges. You have probably seen pop up ads encouraging you to send in empty cartridges for recycling. The profit in the ink cartridge recycling business is huge. Why do you think these companies are begging you to send in your empties? So they can sell them and make money of course.

We all want to help the environment and recycle, that’s a no brainer. But why not sell your own ink cartridges on eBay, let someone else recycle them, and make a little money in the process? If you check on eBay’s completed listings, you will find listings for both large and small lots of printer cartridges. The lots can be all of the same brand or of mixed brands. Some of the most profitable brands to sell include HP, Epson, Brother, Dell, Lexmark, and Canon. The average price for a single printer cartridge is $2.50.

Start saving your printer cartridges now. Ask your friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers what they do with theirs. You will be surprised how many people just throw them away and don’t even bother to recycle them. Most people won’t go to the trouble of reselling them on eBay for $2.50 each. But, if you stockpile a large lot of printer cartridges obtained from many different sources, you are basically getting free inventory and you can make 100% profit. on the cartridges you collect. You can literally take someone’s trash and turn it into cash on eBay.

Think about your friends and other connections who may use ink cartridges at their place of business or through other means. Set up a network of where to obtain empty cartridges. 100 empty printer ink cartridges could be enough to pay some bills next month.