Blog Troubleshooting sequence for printing issues 1

    Troubleshooting sequence for printing issues 1

    Whenever Printing issue occurs while processing on the Floor, Follow the below steps:


    Confirm the All–in-One model number first.

    May I know the All-in-One Model you are using? (Ex: HP Photo smart 3310 All-in-One)


    Am I correct that you are using HP Office jet 7410 All-in-One?

    Check the Connectivity:

    May I know how exactly the `All-in-One is connected to the Computer (USB, Ethernet, Wireless)?

    Know the OS:

    What operating system do you have installed in your Computer (Windows 98, Me, or XP)?


    May I know the version of windows (Windows 98, Me, or XP) you are using?

    Ask for the Error messages:

    Are there any error messages displayed on the All-in-One or on the Computer while Printing? If so, please provide me the exact error message as it is displayed. It would be helpful to isolate the issue.

    Why no Print:

    When exactly the issue started? Let me know if you change any settings on the All-in-One or in the Computer, replaced any accessories like Cartridges, Papers or any parts of the All-in-One?

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