The Top Five Wireless Printers for Creative Endeavors

Any savvy crafter knows if you want to get good out you have to put good in. This philosophy can be applied to anything, from what type of oil to put in a car, what type of fabric to use in a dress, or what type of printer to buy. This article will of course be focused on the latter. The printers reviewed are targeted for their usefulness in certain hobbies (such as photography and general crafting), their pricing, the cost of replacing ink and their long term dependability.

The first printer on the list is the Epson Artisan 725 All-in-One printer. It has earned this top spot due to its usefulness in various creative pursuits as well as basic day to day printing. The Artisan 725 prints professional quality photos and can be used with delicate paper types. This machine includes a scanner and copier, can print directly onto CDs and DVDs, reads camera memory cards, and can be controlled from your mobile device! The ink in this printer is dye based, which means it’s less likely to clog your machine. There are six separate cartridges enabling replacement of only the depleted colors. You can find cheaply priced replacements here. This printer is energy star certified. The printer is offered on the Epson website at $199 and on amazon for $124.99. A special ‘artic edition’ of the Artisan is also available for $99.

The second printer is the HP photosmart e-station. It includes a scanner and copier, it prints high quality photographs, and is energy star certified. Its coolest feature by far is the detachable touch screen tablet that comes affixed to the printers front. With this tablet you can browse the web, edit photos, control printer functions without using your computer, and a host of other things! It is in the second place slot, however, due to its higher price and relatively expensive ink costs. This printer is available through HP for $299.99. It can be found discounted on amazon for $189.99. If you do not care about the signature tablet feature, a cheaper alternative would be a better choice.

The third printer is the Epson Stylus NX625. It is similar to the Artisan in many ways, but it sacrifices some image quality for price. It also lacks the ability to print directly onto CDs and DVDs. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a great product at an affordable price. It is $96.49 on amazon and $99.99 on

The fourth printer is the HP envy. A fully loaded all in one, it features a touch screen display on the front for in printer photo editing and web surfing. The standard scanner and copier are also present, housed in a sleek compact rectangle. However the envy does not allow for computer free printing and its ink prices are a bit steeper than those of aforementioned printers. The envy is available for $199 through HP. It is energy star certified.

The final printer on my list is the Canon Pixma MG5220 Wireless All-In-One Printer. This printer has an equipped screen for displaying and editing photos before printing without using a computer and it can read a myriad of memory cards. Canon and Best Buy have said that this printer can print quality photographs in as little as 20 seconds. It also includes a scanner and copier and it can be controlled from a mobile device. The printer takes five ink cartridges. The Canon Pixma MG5220 is available for $149.99 on Best Buys’ website. It can also be on amazon for $98. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to print lots of photographs. Unfortunately it is not energy star certified, which is why it is last on this list.