The Canon MF6530 Printer Does it All for a Suprisingly Low Price

The Canon MF6530 printer is an opportunity to get a powerful duplex printer, scanner and copier without spending overly much. For $600, you get a machine that’s heavy duty, extremely fast and will handle large printing jobs. The Canon MF6530 printer will meet your office needs well into the future.

Full functionality best describes the Canon MF6530 printer. Besides doing copies, scans and prints, the Canon MF6530 printer has full duplex capability. You won’t have to worry about being environmentally friendly, nor replacing your paper supply twice as often as necessary. The Canon MF6530 printer will easily make use of both sides of your paper, whether you’re printing or copying.

Also, when your ink begins to run low, simply pull out the one cartridge and be finished with the whole job. How often you’ll have to do this depends on how much you print. The Canon MF6530 printer will print five thousand pages on one cartridge, which should help you cut down on the amount of time you spend preparing to print, and increase office productivity. Another thing you won’t find yourself doing is wasting time waiting for the Canon MF6530 printer to finish a job.

It regularly prints as much as twenty-three pages a minute on 8 ½ by 11 paper. With its five hundred sheet capacity, reloading won’t need to be done nearly as often as on some other printers. The Canon MF6530 printer is designed to eliminate the worries often associated with office equipment.

For your scanning needs, the Canon MF6530 printer performs up to 9600 dpi, which equates to an optical resolution of 600 dpi. Both ScanSoftOmniPage and NewSoft Presto! Page Manager are included with the Canon MF6530 printer. Whichever one you choose, it’ll get the job done quickly and easily.

Copying long documents is pretty simple with the Canon MF6530 printer‘s fifty sheet document feeder. You can instantly zoom your document up to two hundred percent to check it over before you print. The first page will come through just eight seconds after you’ve activated the copying machine.

An additional one hundred sheet tray will accommodate nonstandard paper. Bonds, labels, envelopes, or anything else you might need to print will shoot right through as soon as you set the Canon MF6530 printer to the right settings.

Obviously, the Canon MF6530 printer does it all, and the surprise is its low price. An entire network can use the Canon MF6530 printer and not have to worry about getting backed up or having the machine break down. It’s definitely a valuable investment.