How to Choose a Printer for Your Business Cards

Whether for an entire department or for your own humble home enterprise, eventually that prickly promotional question of how to choose a printer for your business cards may arise. After all, face-to-face networking is still an essential part of professional success, and does anything accompany a handshake better than an […]

Barcode Printer Repair Keeps Businesses Moving

The use of barcoding is widespread in many different industries now, from retail stores to shipping and mailing services, and everything in between. Barcode equipment has become standard in most businesses and barcode printer repair is important to keep things running smoothly. Virtually all retail operations, whether they are brick […]

C6400/6000 on Kyocera Mita KM1500

Almost all kyocera Mita products display error message C6XXX whenever a problem is detected in fixing temperature or fixing unit. C6000/C6200/C6050 and C6400 all are related to fixing unit. Service manual states that possible causes are as below: C6000 & C6050 Poor contact in the thermistor connector terminal. Thermistor installed […]

Error E019 on Canon

Printer and photocopiers are designed in two different ways. The first type uses a mechanism that collects waste toner from the drum and sends it back to the developing unit or toner hopper to mix with new toner particles. This mixture is than utilized for further use. Although the ratio […]

How to Setup SMB Scan on Windows 7

SMB (Server Message Box) is a well-known protocol for providing shared access to files, printers, serial ports etc between nodes on a network. Many Multi-function (All in one) devices provide network scanning functionality using this protocol. Once configured properly, this is one of the most user friendly methods for network […]

Error 1102 on Kyocera/Copystar

Kyocera/Copystar manual describes that error 1102 means that “The login user name is incorrect or the domain name has not been entered. Enter login user name, domain and password correctly. But world is not so simple. Windows Vista/Windows 7 users who are on a domain must enter there complete user […]

Fixing Error Codes on Ineo 160/1673/213

Fixing error codes are displayed on the panel of the machine whenever a problem is detected in fixing temperature. Either high or low temperature could be a cause of errors given below: C0500: Warm- Up failure C0501: Warm-Failure (Bizhub 211/220 only) C0510: Abnormally low fusing temperature C0511: Abnormally low fusing […]

How to save time while printing on Windows 8

When you need to print a file you can save some time by printing it directly from windows 8 file explorer. In other words you don’t need to launch a program to open up the file and print it from there. A Word document doesn’t need Microsoft Word to be […]

How to improve copy/print quality

Copiers are an essential part of today’s office. A lot of work is done with multifunction products like copying, printing and scanning documents. Did you ever notice that most users just press the start button when they make copy, scan or print skipping their first chance to optimize the image […]

How To Reset A Canon MP240 Printer

A lot of printer problems can be fixed by just resetting the printer to factory defaults. In this article, I’m going to show you how to reset Canon MP240 printer. First of all turn off your printer than press and hold the reset button (the red button at bottom right) […]