The Print Head – Demystified

One of the better disguised modern marvels of our day is the ink jet printer. Without giving it much thought, we spit out words and graphics in a glorious display of color and black. Considering the fact that each bit of ink is deposited as a drop smaller than the […]

Error 6C10 on Canon

I described in another post that inkjet printers use some kind of absorbent pads at the bottom of the printhead assembly when it is at parade rest. Canon printers (Mp 550, IP 4600, MP 110, MP 630, MP 3600 and MP 640 etc) display error code 6C10 when these absorbers […]

C6400/6000 on Kyocera Mita KM1500

Almost all kyocera Mita products display error message C6XXX whenever a problem is detected in fixing temperature or fixing unit. C6000/C6200/C6050 and C6400 all are related to fixing unit. Service manual states that possible causes are as below: C6000 & C6050 Poor contact in the thermistor connector terminal. Thermistor installed […]

Error E019 on Canon

Printer and photocopiers are designed in two different ways. The first type uses a mechanism that collects waste toner from the drum and sends it back to the developing unit or toner hopper to mix with new toner particles. This mixture is than utilized for further use. Although the ratio […]

Error 6000 on Canon

Before some days a printer (Canon ip 4200) was brought to me. The printer was displaying error 6000 and the orange and green LED’s were blinking in 3 cycles. Service manual suggests that this is line feed error and parts which are likely to be faulty are timing sensor unit, […]

SMB/FTP Scan Errors in Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta and Develop Ineo Multifunction machines can print a transmission report (TX report) to show the document number, start date, destination and transmission result etc. According to the factory settings, the machine is set to automatically print a report after a specific number of jobs (usually 50) have been […]

Toshiba Printer Error Messages

If an error occurs while using Toshiba multifunction printers,take an appropriate action with reference to the following.  402F: Paper size error. This error means that the printer memory is full. You must call service center to resolve this issue. 4030: No print enabler/invalid. Check if the print enabler is connected […]

Error 1102 on Kyocera/Copystar

Kyocera/Copystar manual describes that error 1102 means that “The login user name is incorrect or the domain name has not been entered. Enter login user name, domain and password correctly. But world is not so simple. Windows Vista/Windows 7 users who are on a domain must enter there complete user […]

Fixing Error Codes on Ineo 160/1673/213

Fixing error codes are displayed on the panel of the machine whenever a problem is detected in fixing temperature. Either high or low temperature could be a cause of errors given below: C0500: Warm- Up failure C0501: Warm-Failure (Bizhub 211/220 only) C0510: Abnormally low fusing temperature C0511: Abnormally low fusing […]

error 6A00 on Canon Pixma

The error 6A00 on canon ink jet printers points to a problem with hardware. According to the service manual of Pixma MP800 error 6A00 means:“An error occurred in the AP motor during purging operation”.Parts which are likely to be faulty are:  1.Sheet feed Unit  2.Logic Board Assembly  3.Purge Unit  “Faulty” […]