Best Photo Printers for Home Use

Photo printers are useful for families who take many digital photos throughout the year. Families with children have many milestone events to take photos for such as birthdays, sporting and school events, new births, reunions and many others. Some families may find it more affordable to print their own photos […]

Can Inkjet Refill Kits Shorten the Life of Printer Heads?

Dried Ink Leftover from Spillage Common Does refillable ink for printer cartridges shorten the life of the printer head? Let’s take a look at the Canon BJC-4300 printer and it’s inkjet refill kit. While this is an older model printer newer printer models may find themselves having to cope with […]

Canon Pixma IP3500: A Low Cost Inkjet Printer for Home Users

Home users need a reliable working printer just like businesses do. Having one to perform general tasks such as printing directions or emails is a good thing. However, there are occasions that you need it to perform more demanding tasks such as reports. The print speeds on the Canon Pixma […]

The ABCs of Screenprinting

Legend has it that a contemporary admirer of Michelangelo’s work with marble stated a question to the effect of: “how do you make such a beautiful statue out of a piece of marble?” Reportedly,Michelangelo answered to the effect of, “It’s easy. I just take away the parts of marble that […]

Error 6C10 on Canon

I described in another post that inkjet printers use some kind of absorbent pads at the bottom of the printhead assembly when it is at parade rest. Canon printers (Mp 550, IP 4600, MP 110, MP 630, MP 3600 and MP 640 etc) display error code 6C10 when these absorbers […]

E000 on Canon IR220-2800-3300

E000 is temperature low indication. It means that the reading of the main thermistor does not reach 30C within 1 second after the main switch is turned on. Or, it does not reach 70C 2 seconds thereafter. Before you start to check the defective parts, make sure that the line […]

Error E019 on Canon

Printer and photocopiers are designed in two different ways. The first type uses a mechanism that collects waste toner from the drum and sends it back to the developing unit or toner hopper to mix with new toner particles. This mixture is than utilized for further use. Although the ratio […]

Error 6000 on Canon

Before some days a printer (Canon ip 4200) was brought to me. The printer was displaying error 6000 and the orange and green LED’s were blinking in 3 cycles. Service manual suggests that this is line feed error and parts which are likely to be faulty are timing sensor unit, […]

error 6A00 on Canon Pixma

The error 6A00 on canon ink jet printers points to a problem with hardware. According to the service manual of Pixma MP800 error 6A00 means:“An error occurred in the AP motor during purging operation”.Parts which are likely to be faulty are:  1.Sheet feed Unit  2.Logic Board Assembly  3.Purge Unit  “Faulty” […]

E000019-0000 on Canon

E000019-0000 is “waste toner box full” error message. It can be reset by removing and cleaning the waste toner box. What is Waste toner? Some amount of toner still remains on drum even after image has been transferred to paper. This toner is not reused and sent to waste toner […]