Blog Suggestions For Reducing Printing Costs

    Suggestions For Reducing Printing Costs

    1. Use  mail order  printers. Ordering  printing by  mail generally costs  less because  these  printers have  less
    overhead. Answer  ads  in  mail  order  publications  and  compare prices. Always request samples.

    2. Order larger quantities. Before an offset printer runs your job, he must photograph the camera-ready copy & make a printing plate. This is necessary whether  you order 1, 100 or 10,000 copies and is included in the “base” price. If you  have  an  effective  sales piece,  you  can  save considerably by ordering more units, less often.

    3. Avoid 2 and 3-color print jobs. If your materials do a good selling  job printed  with  black and  white ink  on  colored paper. Pocket the savings!

    4. Use black ink only. Printers are geared  to print with black ink.  When you  order a  job printed  in any  other color, you will generally  be charged extra  for cleaning the press before and after your print job.

    5.. Avoid rip-off prime sources that requires  you to buy their sales materials directly from them. Generally, their products are poor sellers, but they make money off printed circulars, envelopes, etc.,you are forced to buy from them – at a  highly inflated prices.  Don’t be  gypped! Honest
    dealers will  let you  order printing  from whomever  you please.

    6. Print both sides of the sheet. Since the cost of paper your jobs requires is also included in the base price, by printing both sides of the page, you can  save. (this can also reduce your postage costs!)

    7. Submit PERFECT camera-ready copy.. If  you require the printer to make changes  on the original, he  will charge extra. (read “How To Design Winning Ads With Your Own “CR” Copy” – just $1 from above Publisher).

    8. Avoid large “reverses” (black solids). It is difficult for any printer  to get  good ink  coverage if there  are large reverses  (black with  white  lettering), and  many  charge as much as 25% extra. A well  designed sales piece does not have to rely on reverses to get attention.

    9. Use standard paper sizes. Ordering printing on unusual sizes or types of paper requires  press adjustments. This increases printing costs.

    10. Order a “photo reduction”.  Standard typewritten copy can be reduced  25% to  33 1/3% and  be legible.  If your sales message runs to  sat 1 1/4  t 1 1/3 pages,  you can have it reduced to fit  a regular 8 1/2″ x  11″ sheet and save printing. Most printers will do this for a small fee.

    11. Avoid duplication. If you keep  accurate records, you can reduce printing bills simply by not  sending the same materials over and over again to the same customers. (read “How To  Set  Up  A Simple,  Low-Cost  Record/Bookkeeping System” – only $1.00 from above Publisher).

    12. “Cut” copy. If your message is  handwritten or typed, and fills more than one 8 1/2″ x 11″  page, try rewriting the copy and eliminating unnecessary words.  It will then cost you less,to have it printed.

    13. Sum up offers. If you have many items to sell, instead of sending  a separate  circular  advertising each  offer  (which also increases postage costs), you can mention them all on one or two  pages. Just list the items  and give a brief  description.  At  the  bottom  of  the  page,  say
    something like  “For  additional information,  check  the  items that interest you most and return this entire sheet with a long SASE.”

    14. Avoid printer’s  “convenience” services.  A printer’s basic job is printing! But may also perform other services such as collating, folding, stapling, etc..  You can save much for your printing bill if you do many  of these easy little chores yourself.

    15. “Make a deal!” Some smaller, local  printers may give you a “discount” if you promise to use him exclusively for all of your printing needs.

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