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    SMB/FTP Scan Errors in Konica Minolta

    Konica Minolta and Develop Ineo Multifunction machines can print a transmission report (TX report) to show the document number, start date, destination and transmission result etc. According to the factory settings, the machine is set to automatically print a report after a specific number of jobs (usually 50) have been done. If you are getting a “communication error” message, you can also print transmission report to diagnose the problem. To do this, press [Utility] key, touch [Reports], touch [TX Report]. The transmission report is printed. You can find the result under “Results” column. Any of the following may appear here:
    OK: The transmission was completely successful.
    INTERR: The transmission was interrupted.
    F.MEM: The memory capacity was exceeded.
    NG: The transmission failed.
    PT.DEL: The transmission to some destinations failed.
    F.DATA: The size of the data exceeds the allowable limit.
    IMG NG: The transmission resolution was incorrect so the transmission was ended.
    Error Codes: When an error code is displayed, troubleshoot the problem as described below:
    The LAN cable is not connected, or the destination address in incorrect. Check that the LAN cable is correctly connected. Also, check that the settings for the destination address and port number are correctly specified. If you are using Scan to FTP, check that the settings for the FTP server address, port number, and proxy server are correctly specified.
    The user name or password is incorrect. Make sure that you entered correct user name and password to access the destination folder.
    The specified folder doesn’t exist. Check that the save destination folder exists and properly shared on the network.
    The disk capacity is full. Free up the disk space on the corresponding disk.
    The protocol is incorrect. Ask the administrator to deactivate the protocol usage restriction, or look for other delivery methods, or look for other delivery methods.
    An error occurred when data was being transferred. Check that the FTP server is operating properly, or check that the LAN cable is not broken.
    SMB transmission malfunctions other than the above. Check the status of the destination device.
    Available memory is not sufficient. Expand the memory of the machine.
    Characters that cannot be used have been entered. Change file name.

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