Should You Use Printer Ink Refill Kits?

It is relatively easy to find computer printer ink refill kits. The real question is do they work as well as a new cartridge or are they all just hype. There are some that are generic and there are some that are actually made for your brand of printer. It is normally the best idea to go with the name brand because you really don’t know if the generic company knows everything about your printer or if they are just guessing. You don’t want to buy a generic kit and then end up having to buy a new printer in the end.

Here is where you have to make a big choice. We now have tons of different kits for sale that promise to refill your cartridge for usually far less then half the price of a regular cartridge. While many of them may actually be able to do this there are lots of kits that end up leaking out of your cartridge and making a mess of your documents. What you really need to decide is a few bucks or the documents you need for work more important to you? If you are not printing anything that is important refill kits may be a good idea though. One thing you could consider is having a professional fill your cartridges for you and it can save you some money if you are a big business. You also always need to be sure your printer can work with the ink you are buying in you kit.

There are obviously some types of printers that can take ink refill kits but you have to be sure your printer is one of them. One thing you should also check is the warranty that came with your printer. There are a lot of warranties you may be violating if you decide to use a refill. You will also want to see a test print with the ink if possible. There are a lot of ink kits that do not print out nearly as well as the real cartridge you get from the company who made your printer. If you find that your printer will work with the kit, that it does not violate the warranty, and you like the look of the print, go ahead and save the money.

When you do refill your cartridge if you see dried or wet ink in or on the cartridge do not use it. You could easily break your printer. It is more then likely going to be cheaper to by a new cartridge for your printer then it will be for you to buy a brand new printer because you wanted to save a few dollars. So should you use ink refill kits? That is a question you must answer for yourself.