Secrets of Error 5200 on Canon Printers

Canon printers provide reliable quality printing for home and office
use. However, when you receive an error code 5200 on your Canon
Printer, it can be an exasperating situation. Here is a simple guide to
help you solve the problem so you can get back to work.

What is Error 5200

Error 5200 code has to do with ink levels and usage within the printer.
The printer is programmed to combine all of the remaining ink colors
to make black. Soon this means that all ink cartridges installed in the
printer are empty or close to empty. So the operator looks at the ink
level guide to see that the black is gone and colors are nearly gone,
and they proceed by replacing only the black ink, with the intention to
use the rest of the color ink in the cartridges.

However, once
the black ink is installed, sometimes a malfunction of the printer and
ink level reader will case the error code 5200 to appear. There are
some who feel this may be a conspiracy of the ink racket to sell more
ink by forcing you to replace all cartridges at once.

of any ulterior motives involved in this error code, there are some
simple solutions you can try to get the error to go away.

How To Reset the Error

first step in trying to resolve the error code 5200 is to turn the
printer off and wait several seconds before turning it back on. This
may have the effect of resetting the ink level readers so that they read

If this does not work, the next step is to remove
the power cord and completely unplug the printer. This may serve the
same reset function as turning the printer on and off but might do the
trick if the first step fails.

If the printer is plugged
directly into an outlet and none of the above is working, try the
following fix: turn the printer off, press the stop button and hold it
down for 2 seconds, press the ON button, hold it and release the stop
button, press the stop button five times then release together with the
on button. The LCD screen will be blank and the printer will reset.
The computer may say that new hardware is detected – you can just ignore
that. Turn the printer off then turn it on one more time.

you have tried all of the above and there is still no improvement to the
error 5200 situation, you need to move on to changing out all of the
ink cartridges. Even if they are mostly full, you need to just go ahead
and put in all new ink. This can cause a reset in the ink level gauges
as well, which might solve the problem.

Contact Canon directly
if you cannot get the error 5200 code to go away. Your printer may
still be under warranty and you may be able to get additional help to
solve the error, or you might be entitled to a new printer.