Samsung SCX Errors and Reset

Samsung SCX series printers (SCX-4521, SCX-5530, SCX-6220, SCX-6320, SCX-6322) are piece of office equipments for use at home or in small business. These space-saving All-in-One printers provide high quality laser printing, high color digital scanning, copying and faxing.
User can press “Menu” key on display to go through the menus and choices. There are many that are useful to the technicians. You can set the machine to continue copying if toner empty or to stop if toner empty. If you wish it to continue, go to “ignore toner empty” and set it to “ON”. Density, paper feed, power save, etc are also adjusted here. Go to “Reports” and then to “billing/Counters” for total count. You can also print out a report which will tell you all of the user choices and what their current setting is, which probably includes total count also.
SCX 5530 Drum Reset:
After replacing the drum with a new one, press “Menu” and then press up/down keys until “New Drum” displays. Then press “Mode/enter”. When you see “New drum unit?” press “1” to select yes and to reset the drum count.
Error Messages:
  • Authentication failed: Wrong password
  • Comm Error, Connection Error: Fax line error problem
  • Data read/check USB: Time expired,; try again
  • Data write/ check USB: Inadequate memory
  • Door open: Front or rear cover open.
  • Enter again: Keystroke error
  • File access denied: Change server settings
  • File Name exist: Change file name
  • File name over limit: Delete some files
  • Fuser open
  • Incompatible: Problem with machine you are communicating with.
  • Low heat error: Off and On or fuser problem
  • LSU motor: Laser polygon motor problem