Samsung ML-1640 Laser Printer: Black Box of Wonders

For busy executives, efficiency is everything. Schedules must be kept as much as possible, and execution of plans must be quick and precise. Although aside from these factors, good appearances also need to be maintained. A properly decorated office can impress a potential client even before the meeting starts.

For this matter, Samsung offers the ML-1640 monochrome laser printer. The printer is a sleek, black box that is unobtrusive at only 14 inches wide and 7 inches tall, and can pretty much fit anywhere in the office. Being completely black, it naturally carries an air of professionalism about it – but without the boredom. A control panel is non-existent save for a cancel button on the right-hand portion of the printout tray. The paper and printout trays can be neatly folded into the printer when not in use to free up some desk space.

A nifty feature with the paper tray is a sensor that detects whether there is paper in the tray. When a printing job stalls after running out of paper, simply put in a fresh supply and the sensor automatically tells the printer that printing can continue as opposed to pressing a resume button to continue the print job. In case printing needs to be cancelled, simply press the one-touch cancel button on the printer, a worthwhile feature that can save time from having to manually cancel from the PC. The printer also goes on power-saving mode after being left on idle for several minutes.

Aside from simplicity of use, this printer outputs documents and images efficiently at l6ppm and in good quality. It requires a 10 to 15 second warm-up time when printing its first document from standby mode though. Print quality can be adjusted between 600 and l200dpi. Printing an A4-sized grayscale image with a 600dpi resolution takes only a matter of seconds. A toner-saving option can be toggled on or off; otherwise it follows default printer settings.

The entire package comes with a simple illustrated installation guide, which eliminates the need for an instruction manual, a driver disc that also contains a short manual in multiple languages, and an introductory toner worth 700 print jobs.

Although the unit itself is priced at USD 90, the toner for this unit is priced at nearly the same price as the printer at an estimated price of USB 85-95. It may be expensive in reference to the printer’s price tag but it should be worth the buy, as each retail toner is good for up to 1,500 pages of printed documents. The printer’s attractive price also lowers the barrier to allow more users and businesses to join the laser bandwagon.

The ML-1640 is compact and one of the cheaper laser printers in the market that can be considered both efficient for its size and stylish enough for the price tag. As an alternative, Samsung also has the slightly more powerful ML-2240 that has pretty much the same Iineup of features as the ML-1 640, except for a laser print speed of 22ppm.