Review of the HP Deskjet D1420 Printer

I have owned and used a multitude of printers through out my personal and professional life. One of the biggest complaints I have had as well as others that do a great deal of printing is the life of the ink cartridges. Over the last few years, a good portion of printer manufacturers seem to have lessened the ink cartridge capacities in attempt to have the customer purchase ink from them more often! This can be very disheartening and expensive needless to say.

While shopping for ink to install for my old “All in One” Epson printer, I came across the HP Deskjet D1420. The printer was on sale at my local Walmart Super Store in the Computer accessory section for about $20. I checked the prices on the replacement ink for My Epson and was mortified at the thought of paying close to $50 for the paltry pieces of plastic.

The small HP that had caught my eye earlier started to look even better. Very small and basic, The HP Deskjet D1420 had me sold after reading some of its features:

16 Pages per minute Black ink 
12 Pages Per minute Color Ink 
Up to 4800×1200 DPI Photo printing resolution 
Up to 48 Pages per minute on Fast Draft Mode 
Legal-letter-post card-envelope and photo paper 
Ink back up mode: Uses color ink as a back up if Black ink is not available!

After getting my new printer home, I noted how easy assembly was with very detailed instructions. The software installed without a hitch and took up minimal resources on my Computer. The printer operates very quietly and smoothly. One of the best features I have found other then the low ink alert system is the ability to use the color ink cartridge to print in black if needed. A color cartridge is even included in the box!

With over two years of use, the printer still performs as if it was just taken out of the box. I do alot of printing and the Fast Draft Mode is far superior and more efficient than any other I have tried enabling me to save even more without making frequent trips to buy more ink.

I highly recommend The HP DeskJet D140 to anyone on a tight budget, a small business and or college student with limited desk space. Whatever you decide when it comes to your new printer purchase, Always research the product on the internet and find out what others are saying about the product.