Review of the Canon PIXMA MP600 All-in-One Photo Printer

Proved itself to be a worthy printer, excellent for its price range.

The PIXMA MP600, selling for around $150, offers users the capability to print text and photographs, scan, fax, and copy. And, unlike a bunch of other machines of its kind, it doesn’t seem to be a piece of junk. Having used a number of relatively inexpensive all in one machines, I’ve noticed that allure of being able to perform so many tasks with one relatively mundane printer seems to be too much for many people. Amazed with some machine’s supposed capabilities, many will by all in one¬†printers¬†only to find out that they are garbage.

The PIXMA MP600, however, seems to be otherwise. Although it did not originally allow myself to become excited at the printer’s flashy appearance, using the PIXMA MP600 for the first time made me think it might be something different. Of course, all printers do a rather good job on their first time, having just been setup and plugged in for the first time, but the PIXMA MP600, in addition to doing a good job of printing text and photos, did so in a hurry, and did so without excess noise and vibration, telltale signs of shoddy design. When I tried scanning in a document, I was also impressed with the results. Not only did the PIXMA MP600 do a good job, it did in under 10 seconds, quite impressive compared to the over 40 seconds taken by a certain Hewlett Packard printer/scanner I recently used.

As time went on, my PIXMA MP600 continued to serve me well. It did, of course, eventually run out of ink, but not before printing 500 pages on its black cartridge. I was also impressed that the number photos printed before running out of ink, but when it finally did run out, I was disappointed to find that it used six separate color cartridges, each of which cost 13 bucks a pop. However, printers are printers, and I guess this is to be expected.

I also like the LCD screen that the PIXMA MP600 has built in. Just insert your camera’s memory card (it takes a whole bunch of different formats – am not sure which ones exactly) and you can select exactly which pictures want to print on the screen, specifying how you want them done. It’s a big improvement over the Pict-Bridge system that some other printers use, (the PIXMA MP600 can do it too, for the record) which entails connecting your camera directly to the printer via USB, and then choosing the pictures you want to print on the camera’s own LCD screen.

All in all, the Canon PIXMA MP600 seems to be quite impressive. If you’re looking at cheaper all in one printers, I would encourage you just spend more money and get a good one like this, although I must say all the printers in the PIXMA series, in my experience, seem to work quite well.