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Refill Your Printer Cartridge with These 7 Easy Steps

Don’t you think that the foundation of your inkjet printer, the cartridge, sometimes gets on you as a burden or increases your monthly budget? I am sure that most of you are on the same plight as I am in when it takes to buying a new cartridge every other day. So why not make it as simple and economical as putting your clothes on or taking your breakfast; why not refill your cartridge!

Refilling your inkjet cartridge ink is the best possible and the most economical way to use your printer. There have ascended many companies which do it for you, but with my simple step by step guide you can rather do it yourself. Before doing that, buy an ink refill kit for the exact model of your printer. In most cases, the kit comes with a syringe, the bottle of ink, an air suction clip which helps in streamlined ink flow, a pair of gloves and a small drill bit. Now here’s how you need to use them:

  1. Before starting with the procedure, spread some newspaper or towel over the place where you are going to refill your cartridge, to prevent spilling ink all over. Put on the latex gloves and gently remove the cartridge from the printer. Remember to lock the cover of the printer to steer clear of dust.
  2. Now after you trace the ink tank inside the cartridge, find out if there’s a hole in it for refilling. Some models have holes with caps fitted on them. If it’s not present, drill a small hole with the drill bit which comes with the kit.
  3. Inject the needle of the syringe into the refill bottle and draw up ink from it and then slowly insert it into the hole you have just made or the one which is already there.
  4. If you want to use different colors, keep in mind that you use different syringes or at least different needles.
  5. While the ink is being filled, you may notice bubbles coming out. Stop for a few seconds and after gently pushing the ink-tank, fill it again to the brim.
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  7. When refilling is completed, place a small adhesive tape and clean the ink on top of the cartridge. Also try to remove any bubbles inside.
  8. All done, put the cartridge in place inside the printer and clean the printer head with the given software.

I am sure that this guide is going to help you a lot. Ink refilling not only saves a lot of money, but also lets creative minds play with different colors. I will explain that in my next review.