Product Review: Canon IP4500 Printer Looks Like it Works

When I purchased an Apple Mac Computer, a free printer was thrown into the offer. Now I already had a printer, and I know the idea was to give me a printer so that I would have to spend money on ink from then on, but I went ahead and got the printer anyway. My other printer is mainly for print documents generally created on my PC. This printer is more in conjunction with the intent of my owning an Apple computer in the first place, and making better graphics in documents; so I opted for the printer that would produce the best color. Forget the second printer they tempted me with, having an all-in-one option with its scanner and fax capabilities. My personal computer was intended for creating a better graphics portfolio not turning my home into a traditional business. So I thought, if the iP4500 works like it looks, then it’s a deal. How has the printer fared?

I’d have to acknowledge that it has done rather well. I’m quite pleased. There really are no major complaints to this point, and it has been a year. On the right paper it turns out a decent sleek job. The colors are distinct and flow fairly well, but are also crisp, blending not bleeding one with another. Granted there are more professional printers at shops, but for the home variety the Canon Pixma iP4500 suffices. The outcome of print images match what you would expect from a well-designed machine that looks as nice as it does, built for the low order of typical home functionality.

The Canon printer was easy to set-up. A simple CD installation configures it with your operating system. The print cartridges are easy to change out. It is efficient and works well with any program that has print capability. The ease of use may be its best feature as you can quickly change sizes of paper or print on envelopes. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, isn’t loud, and doesn’t expend too much energy. And the ink actually lasts a long time. It can’t print the kind of output as my other printer, a Hewlett Packard laserjet 1000 series (like novels), but that’s not its intention. Still it can print a significant amount of text-based pages, with a finer finish on any graphics. If you are looking for a basic printer where your efforts are evenly divided between color graphics and print documents, the Canon iP4500 is a great printer to handle both needs equally well (and graphics better than most average color printers). If you are looking for a printer that does one or the other precisely well, you will find other options that specialize in these areas more expertly.