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    Printing Options For a Microsoft Word Document Template

    In the third of this article series on how to set up a technical document template by using Microsoft Word we’ll explain the various printing options you can choose from to print your MS Word technical document.

    While your document template is open, select File > Page Setup to display the Page Setup dialog box.

    Click and select the PAPER tab.

    Click PRINT OPTIONS button to display the PRINT tab and the print options available. This is the same dialog box that you can also reach by selecting File > Print and then selecting the Options button from the main menu.

    DRAFT OUTPUT option, when selected, will print a fast and low-quality draft copy with no images. The blocks where the images are located will appear as blank spots.

    I recommend you select the UPDATE FIELDS and UPDATE LINKS options to make sure you have the latest values for the date and time fields as well as the most current document links before your document is printed.

    BACKGROUND PRINTING option, selected by default, allows you to continue working while a long document is sent to printer and printed on the “background.”

    PRINT POSTSCRIPT OVER TEXT option, when selected, prints any PostScript-coded document components (like the watermark, for example) on top of the body text, instead of underneath it.

    REVERSE PRINT ORDER option, when selected, reverses the print order of the pages; prints the last page first and the first page last.

    XML TAGS option, when selected, prints all the XML tags in your document, whether they are normally visible or not.

    BACKGROUND COLORS and IMAGES option, when selected, prints any background images or colors (like in a watermark) underneath the body next.

    FIELD CODES and HIDDEN TEXT options, when selected, print any field codes and hidden texts that you might not want printed normally. NOTE: If you do not select it, the CONTENT of the field code will still print without, however, printing the field code itself.

    DOCUMENT PROPERTIES option, when selected, prints ( as a new section at the end of the Word document) all the information you have entered into the DOCUMENT PROPERTIES dialog box by selecting File > Properties from the main menu.

    NOTE: If you enter more than one Comments field through selecting Insert > Field from the main menu, all comments will print in the main body of the document but only the LAST comment will be printed in the Document Properties block.

    Click OK when you’re done with the printing options to return to the PAPER tab.

    Click OK once again to close the Page Setup dialog box.

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