Printer Review: Epson R380 Photo Printer

If you’re looking for a quick way to print your pictures, then the Epson R380 photo printer will suit your needs. This printer is one of Epson’s mid-range designs. You can find the Epson R380 for an average price of $130. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this photo printer.

The Epson R380 is equipped with a 3.5-inch bright LCD so that you can preview your printers before printing them. You simply have to click on the picture you wish to prevent then set the number of copies you want. The Epson R380 can show up to 20 thumbnails on the LCD. The LCD also gives you the ability to rotate and crop images.

The Epson R380 also features six-color cartridges for increased printing accuracy. These cartridges are conveniently accessible from the top of the unit. The Epson R380 also uses special Claria ink designed to produce pictures that resist fading. The unit is also equipped with special print heads that adjust the size of the ink droplet depending on the needs of the current photo. These print heads can adjust between five different sizes of ink droplets.

You will also like the fact that you won’t be dependent upon a computer to print photos from. The Epson R380 is equipped with two memory card slots that house a 5-in-1 card reader. These card slots are compatible with xD, CF, MS pro, and SD memory cards. You can also use the Epson R380 photo printer to print pictures directly from your digital camera or cell phone.

The Epson R380 not only prints quality photos, but also prints them quickly. Using the lowest printing quality, the unit can print out a 4×6 photo in a mere 13 seconds. For better quality prints, the Epson R380 can print them out in 30 seconds. The unit can print out text documents at a rate between 15 and 30 copies each minute. The unit can hold 20 sheets of photo paper or 120 sheets of standard paper at once.

If you need a quality photo printer, then the Epson R380 will suit your needs just fine. The unit is equipped with a bright 3.5-inch LCD display so that you can easily preview or edit your photos. also, the Epson R380 is equipped with two memory card slots that are compatible with a wide variety of card types.

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