Printer Ink, How to Buy?

With the advancement of technology the purchase price of a printer has come down to a great extent. But the cost of running a printer has not come down to the same extent. Printer ink amounts to be the most expensive of all printer supplies. Before you buy it you should know different types of printer ink, their advantages and disadvantages.
Different kinds of Printer Inks.
Printer inks come in different kinds.
First is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink. This type is designed to work with specific printer models. It provides the best quality print and usually comes with a warranty. This is the most expensive yet reliable type of ink.
Compatible Printer Inks
Since most users prefer cheaper printer inks, they have resorted to buying compatible printer inks instead. They are designed to comply with OEM printing standards. Like OEM inks, they are designed only for specific printer brands.
Recycle Inks
Finally, remanufactured printer inks are made from recycled ink. They are the cheapest kind of ink but can be unreliable.
What should you choose?
When buying a printer ink, it is always best to check for your printer’s compatibility. Different printer models work with specific printer inks. Make sure you buy only the right ink for your printer else you can damage it and void the warranty on your printer.
Do not be easily fooled by companies claiming to sell the “best” printer inks. Check for the packaging. Make sure it is not tampered and that you buy only from a reputable dealer.
If you are looking for inks that provide high quality prints, it is always best to buy an OEM ink. It is expensive but it provides lasting and better results than other types.
Buying printer cartridges online will save you a lot of money. There are several online dealers of printer ink and cartridges. These online dealers offer discounts on purchases. Buying online gives you the option of doing your research on the various suppliers and choosing the best discount price. These suppliers will deliver printer cartridges free of cost right at your doorstep, saving you money on traveling and shipping.