Printer Ink Cartridges, Introduction

An ink cartridge is a replaceable component of an ink jet printer that contains the ink (and sometimes the print-head itself) that is spread on paper during printing. Each ink cartridge contains one or more partitioned ink reservoirs; certain manufacturers also add electronic contacts and a chip that communicates with the printer. Before three decades dot matrix printers were used very commonly. They required a ribbon to print characters on the paper.  As technology marches on a new concept of drop on demand technology was invented for the ink printer cartridge. By 1990 this method was accepted by all printer and ink printer cartridge manufacturers. This is the printer technology of choice for the vast majority of consumers today. This printing method is available for black and white and color documents as well as photo printing.

 Printer Cartridge

Printers require specific printer cartridges, which are usually packaged with the printer upon initial purchase. When buying a printer cartridge, choose a type that matches with your printer’s compatibility. Make sure to refer to the types of cartridges to check what type of cartridge supports. Make sure that you are buying from a trusted retailer, because some are selling poor quality cartridges that can damage your printer. Printers will not function properly without a printer cartridge, which holds the ink that allows the printer to produce copies of documents or images. It is usually installed on a panel in printers and moves in a lateral position over the paper, dispensing ink. Remember following points before puchasins ink cartridges:

a) Avoid generic cartridges. The ink used in these cartridges may damage your printers nozzles.
b) Figure out the printing quality you need. Ink cartridges made by the same manufacturer as the printer will produce the best results. These cartridges are also the most pricey.
c) Take a look at the printer warranty. Some manufacturer’s warranties are void if an ink cartridge is used that is made by a different manufacturer.
d) Look at the page yield of the ink cartridge you are buying. This will tell you how much printing the cartridge will do.

Branded toner cartridges are ideal to use because they are of high quality and are still affordable. They are original and are designed by the printer manufacture. A specific branded printer functions with their compatible cartridges. The ink cartridge is housed in a plastic container and is available in different colors. Ink cartridges are available in a single, four color cartridge that already includes black, a tricolor cartridge that has three of the major colors used to mix together to form other shades, and a separate blank ink cartridge.

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