PostScript Level 3 Advantages Over PS Level 2

PostScript Level 3 offers the following improvements over Level 2.
1. Faster printing and improved quality
2. New features to support the increasingly complex documents available via the Internet, such as three-dimensional images.
3. For complex documents, PostScript Level 3 processes each component as a separate object to optimize imaging throughput.
4. The resident font set will be expanded to provide compatibility with the resident fonts of all leading operating systems, enhancing performance by reducing font downloading.
5. PDF has been integrated into Adobe PostScript Level 3.
6. Ease of use, ease of connection and ease of printer management all in one environment, including Web based printer management, support for all industry standard remote management technologies, and a single step CD-ROM installer for all drivers, fonts and value-added software.
7. PlanetReady Printing: Allows printing technology to meet local language needs world-wide.

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