Panasonic Error

Like other office equipments, Panasonic machines are equipped with a self diagnose system to indicate an error message whenever a problem occurs in the machine. Most common error messaged U 25 indicates that toner bottle is not feeding toner. Try to reinstall the toner after shaking it well.
U13 indicates toner empty condition, it must be cleared by pressing any key if F5-63 is set to 0 or by pressing Function and 1 if F5-63 is set to 1. Fusing errors (E4-x) should be reset in F9 mode, 06 (RAM initialize), sub code 04.
E1-01Scan problem, home sensor, scanner motor, board SPC board, connector
E1-20Laser problem, Check laser unit
E1-22Laser polygon motor synchronization
E1-31Exposure lamp, inverter board
E2-01Lift motor for 1st paper tray
E2-02Lift motor for 2nd paper tray
E2-03Lift motor for 3rd paper tray
E2-04Lift motor for 4th paper tray
E2-10System console motor problem, drive motor
E3-01Toner motor not turning
E3-02Toner screw motor problem
E3-03Toner sensor problem
E3-10HVT/grid problem
E3-20Main motor drive problem
E4-01Low fuser temperature, lamp, thermal switch
E4-02Fuser jam
E4-10Fuser fan problem
E5-11Printer connection SC board or SPC board
E5-17Scanner problem
E5-42Total counter
E5-60Power Supply fan
E7-90Hardware key
E13Out of toner, toner bottle problem, toner sensor
HDDOption required additional sort memory
U00Key counter or ID code needed
U01Front door, side door or interlock
U07Interlock on paper feed cover 1,2 or 3.
U13Add toner
U14Toner waste toner container full.
U15Waste toner container missing
U16No developer
U18Departmental copy counter full
U20, 21ADF cover open
U22ADF exit cover open
U25Toner bottle not feeding toner
U90Replace internal backup memory