How to Install a Printer Without CD

Installing a printer is easy enough but if you have lost the CD that came with the printer then it could turn out to be a frustrating task. Well there is a way to install the printer without the CD. The only thing you need to know is the correct […]

Preparing a Publication for the Printer

If you’re publishing a book or a magazine, you can easily prepare your files for printing using Adobe Pagemaker, Photoshop, Distiller and Acrobat. Picture and ad files are created in Adobe Photoshop. All text is done in Adobe Pagemaker. Files are converted to PDF’s with Adobe Distiller and can be […]

Review of the Canon PIXMA MP600 All-in-One Photo Printer

Proved itself to be a worthy printer, excellent for its price range. The PIXMA MP600, selling for around $150, offers users the capability to print text and photographs, scan, fax, and copy. And, unlike a bunch of other machines of its kind, it doesn’t seem to be a piece of […]

Saving Money on Printer Ink Cartridges is Simple

Whether you have an office full of printers or just one with your home based computer, you know how fast that ink can disappear, and how expensive buying new ink cartridges can be. If you print a lot of color images or have children that just love printing almost every page they […]

Conntect Laptops Wirelessly to Printer

With the onset of bluetooth technology, it has quickly become easier than ever before to connect multiple hardware components without the aid of wires and cables. Among the list of devices capable of receiver and responding to bluetooth are printers. Wireless printers receive the bluetooth signal from the wireless computer or laptop […]

Deciding Which Laser Printer is Best for Your Office

The two things you should be aware of while choosing a laser printer are: cost of purchase and cost of operation. However, it should be noted that, a low-price laser printer or a high-price one might not be the best choice for your office needs. Before you buy, check the price and […]

Review of the HP Deskjet F380 All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier

Although the Deskjet F380 seems to be quite a deal, offering printing, and scanning, faxing, and copying capabilities for under $100, (I paid $90.00, but Amazon has one for $70) closer examination proves that it is not worth the money. After having great experiences with other all-in-one printers, among them […]

Ways to Use Less Printer Ink

Printer ink can be quite costly, especially when printing research papers, guitar tabs, recipes, photos, and other items. It goes even faster when the entire family regularly uses the printer. Use the most eye-pleasing fonts for important documents and letters, but use an ink-saving variety when printing papers that do […]

OfficePrinter Text Tool

When you are creating projects in OfficePrinter, you will probably want to add text to it. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the text tool in OfficePrinter. This tutorial will show you how to select the text tool, create the text, and change the text properties. […]

How to Buy a Printer for Yourself

Should they buy one that uses pigment or dye-based ink? Does it really matter? The paper, printer, and in all play roles in image quality and permanence. And because of the way printers and inks have evolved, there isn’t a simple answer. Once, dye-based inks had a clear advantage in overall color […]