Samsung ML-1640 Laser Printer: Black Box of Wonders

For busy executives, efficiency is everything. Schedules must be kept as much as possible, and execution of plans must be quick and precise. Although aside from these factors, good appearances also need to be maintained. A properly decorated office can impress a potential client even before the meeting starts. For […]

Top Five Epson All-in-One Printers

Epson printer is one of the best computer peripherals available in the market. It offers value for money product that comes with top quality and versatile features. Using advanced technology from Japan, the brand has come up with four all-in-one printer categories to suit consumers’ requirement. The categories are CX […]

The Top 5 Budget Inkjet Printers that Are Great for Students

Next to owning a computer, a stable printer will be the most important electronic device that’ll carry you through school. If you’re looking for a great budget printer as you prepare to go back to school check out these great low-priced printer options. Kodak ESP 5210 – $99.99 The Kodak ESP […]

Various Common Home Laser Printer Reviews

Wander into any technology store and try to buy a printer, and chances are, the salesperson will try to sell you a cheap inkjet. But wait! Don’t buy yet…well, at least not just yet. Depending on your printing needs, an inexpensive laser printer may be a better buy, especially if […]

Choosing the Best Photo Printer for Your Home or Business

Choosing a printer generally is a complicated task taking into consideration all the various brand names and models you can get that all seem to do everything from turn out easy documents to cook you dinner then dust your apartment. All exaggerations aside, it definitely is usually a very time […]

How to Buy a Jet Ink Printer and Save Money

When it come time to buy a ink-jet printer, you have a number of decisions to make. You also have a number of economic facts to understand in order for you to make the smartest choice for your situation. The very first thing that you must understand is that the […]

The Top Five Wireless Printers for Creative Endeavors

Any savvy crafter knows if you want to get good out you have to put good in. This philosophy can be applied to anything, from what type of oil to put in a car, what type of fabric to use in a dress, or what type of printer to buy. […]

5 Printer Specs You Should Ignore when Buying a New Wireless Printer

Shopping for a wireless printer seems like a simple process, but with all of the cryptic printer jargon printed on printer boxes nowadays, it’s hard to pick the right printer for your needs. While shopping for a new wireless printer, be sure to skip over these unimportant printer specs to […]

Printer Review: Epson RX595 Photo Printer

The Epson RX595 photo printer is equipped with a 2.5 inch color LCD. It gives you the ability to use your camera, flash drive, or memory card to print photos. You can also use the printer to create customized greeting cards. You can find the Epson RX595 for an average […]