Outstanding Eco-Friendly Printers

Purchasing an eco-friendly printer can save you money and help to preserve the resources on the planet. Printers can be eco-friendly in several different ways. One way that they can be better for the environment is because they use less energy to print than comparable printers. Another way they can be eco-friendly is by using less paper because of double sided printing options. Some printers offer other special technological features which make them the best eco-friendly printer options available. Some of the best eco-friendly printers include:

• The HP Officejet Pro 8000 wireless printer is one of the best options for eco-friendly printing. This printer uses 50% less energy than a traditional color laser printer. This printer is both eco-friendly and cost effective. Not only will you save money with energy costs, but you will also save on ink and paper. The printer features double sided printing which allows you to reduce paper usage and cut the paper cost in half. You are also able to use HP smart web printing which allows you to pick the information and images that you really need from multiple web pages and print them on the same page. This saves paper, ink and energy. One of the great features about this printer is the high capacity cartridges which allow you to save money and replace them less often. When you are finished with a cartridge, it can be recycled to reduce the impact on the environment. The wireless component makes this printer convenient to use from any room of your home. Some other great features of this printer are the vivid blacks and colors it produces, the ability to print water resistant documents and the ability to choose the printing speeds that are right for you. The maximum printing speed is up to 35 pages a minute. Overall, this printer produces very high quality results, will save you money and will be better for the environment. Prices will vary depending on the retailer, and there are often mail- in rebates to reduce the cost. The starting price of this printer is $179.99.

• The HP Officejet 6500 printer is perfect for those that need an all in one printer, but want to be eco-friendly. You use less energy when using an all in one printer because you are only using one machine. The printer also used 40% less energy than a traditional all in one laser printer. You will also be eco-friendly because this printer uses high capacity cartridges that do not have to be replaced as often as a traditional cartridge. This printer is great for an all in one printer because of its sleek modern design, and it does not take up an entire work surface like some all in one printers. Some of the other helpful features about this printer are the built in wired Ethernet which allows you to easily share documents with others and the ability to scan and save documents to your computer or memory card. For an all in one printer, it is very user friendly. The cost of this printer starts at $149.99.

• The Brother DCP-385C is a color ink jet all in one printer with photo printing capabilities. This printer is Energy Star qualified which means that it is a good choice for those who are looking to reduce their environmental impact. It has great printing quality and is quick to print multiple pages. One of the greatest features of this printer is the four inch color LDC screen which allows you to see exactly what your printed picture will look like. This printer also has great scanning and copying abilities and can even scan odd shaped or thick objects. The starting price for this printer is $99 which makes it a very affordable option.

After you have purchased a new eco-friendly printer make sure to recycle your old printer and used ink cartridges to reduce your environmental impact even more.