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    No CD, No Problem, Install Printer Without One

    Having trouble installing your printer? So you don’t have a CD to install your printer and are confused how to go about it? Then here are a few tips to install a printer without a CD.

    Most people believe that installing a printer requires a CD not realizing that this is a very old method. Rather it is very simple and easy to install your printer with or without a CD. There are two methods to get your printer installed without a CD and they are:

    Method 1

    1. Place the computer and the printer adjacent to each other and connect the printer cables to the computer. Please do not keep the computer or the printer in the “ON” mode while plugging the cables.
    2. Switch the computer ON and wait till it completely boots.
    3. Plug the computer to the main power source and plug in the printer USB cord to the appropriate USB port in the PC. Now, turn the printer ON.
    4. Click on the START button on the left bottom of the window and navigate to “Control Panel” through the “Setting” options.
    5. In the “Control Panel” window search for printer option. You will either find it by clicking on the ‘Printers and Hardware’ icon in some computers or on the ‘Hardware and Sound’ icon in other PCs.
    6. Click on “Add Printer” on the printer menu and wait for a message to pop up. Click on the “Next” button when a message saying “Welcome to the add printer wizard” appears.
    7. On the add printer wizard page select ‘Automatically detect and install plug and play printer’ and then click on the “Next” button. Once the computer identifies the printer it starts the installation process by itself. But if it fails to detect the printer a pop up is seen “unable to detect printer”. This means you will have to complete the installation of the printer all by yourself – manually. Click on the “Next” button. .
    8. Select the printer interface and opt for the recommended option to get all the features set. Click on the “Next” button to continue.
    9. On the next page choose the printer model and continue by clicking on the “Next” button.
    10. Next you have to enter a name or just approve the given name displayed in the installation box. If you wish to, set the device as your default printer and click on “Next” to continue.
    11. Print a sample page to check if the printer is working fine. Click on “Next” to navigate to the last page.
    12. Now you are into the final step of the process. A message is displayed – “You have successfully installed the printer.” Just click on the “Finish” button and lo! You have installed a printer without a CD!!

    Method 2

    1. If you don’t have a CD to configure your printer, don’t worry, just log on to the manufacturer’s website, like HP, Dell, Epson or Cannon.
    2. Navigate to the support page, which displays all the drivers’ option for all their products.
    3. Generally, these websites have a downloadable ‘setup file’ which you need to download and then install the printer with.
    4. Simply follow the commands and your printer will be installed in minutes. You will accomplish the task successfully.
    5. But if the files are in .cab or .inf format double click on the icons and extract other files from the main source. Just be sure you know where these files are being saved automatically.
    6. Get into the “Printer Folder” and click on “Add New Printer.” Choose the location/folder where you want to place the files.
    7. Navigate to the folder/location. You will immediately get a prompt asking for a .inf file. Choose the file.
    8. Select the printer model and click on “OK” to continue. Navigate to the Finish page, as per the instructions that will be given while you are in the installation process.

    Your printer is ready to take prints of any document or file. With these easy tips, installing a printer without a Cd is not a hard job.

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