Network Printer Problems

Here is description of common printer problems:
I cannot print to my printer over the network.
  • Make sure the PC and the printer can communicate. Try using the ping command, telnet, ftp, etc. In an IPX environment, try running AdminManager to see if the printer can be discovered.

  • Verify the physical network connections. The network cables may be defective or not properly connected. Try changing the cables. Check the printer card and verify that the green link light is on and the red data light is flashing (receiving data).

  • Turn the printer off, then on again. Try printing from another PC or to another network printer to help determine if the problem is with the PC or the printer.

Communication errors occurs.
  • Verify the physical installation of the printer. The network cables may not be properly connected. The network hub may be defective.

  • Initialize the printer firmware.

  • If in a TCP/IP environment, try to directly connect the printer and the PC on an isolated network. Connect only the printer and the PC to a hub, or connect them directly using a crossover 10BaseT cable.