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Lexmark Platinum Pro 905 Printer Review

Lexmark has long been a leading name in business and office printing technology. The new Lexmark Platinum Pro 905 Printer promises big things in both convenience and usability. In this review, we’re going to find out whether or not this new printer by Lexmark is worth taking the plunge to purchase.

First of all, the functions on this printer are great. Lexmark is among the first in printer companies to start implementing a touch screen display and control panel for their new high end printers. Though this printer rings in at around $400 depending on where you shop, it’s commendable that Lexmark had the foresight to integrate the touch screen into this model, as this is a major selling point for the Platinum Pro 905. The touch screen makes managing print jobs easy and effective, with little room for error due to the screen being somewhat larger than normal. The learning curve is substantially decreased on this model because Lexmark isn’t offering any “new” features with the touchscreen. They’re simply making the existing features that previous models boasted easier to use.

One of the key components to the Lexmark Pro 905 Printer is the option for “Smart Solutions”. Lexmark’s Smart Solutions package allows you to directly connect the Platinum Pro 905 to the Internet and download sets of customizable buttons for use with your machine. What does this mean for you? It means not only having the simplicity you need in a printer out of the box but also having a fully customizable interface for more robust printing jobs or demanding tasks in the workplace.

Another key feature that this mid range business printer offers is a Wi-Fi feature. Printing jobs can be launched from any computer in your network with the wireless feature and this really steps up Lexmark’s game in the convenience category. While this isn’t an uncommon feature for a printer, it is uncommon for a $400 printer, therefore it begs to be mentioned here.

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Print quality is great and printing speed is even greater. My personal tests show a printing speed of around 13 pages per minute when printing black and white text documents. Most printers that are able to boast this kind of speed are somewhat lacking in print quality but I’m glad to say that the Lexmark Pro Platinum 905 Printer delivers on both of these demands.

In summary, you’re not going to find anything about this printer that’s out of the ordinary, but what you will find is ordinary features that perform extraordinarily well. The most promising aspect of this printer are the Lexmark “Smart Solutions”, which promise a great deal of expansive growth in both the capabilities and convenience of this printer in the near future. If you’re looking for a business printer, I feel comfortable giving a solid green light to the Lexmark Platinum Pro 905 Printer.