Lexmark Interact S605 Printer Review

In it’s current state, the printer manufacturing market is heavily dependent on how many features you can produce for any given cost. The printer market is becoming more competitive than ever and the margins for mistakes are becoming smaller if you want to remain in business. Today, I take a look at the new Lexmark Interact S605 Printer and decide whether or not the features it’s boasts work properly, as advertised and are in accordance with what the everyday consumer needs in a printer.

Upon first glance, one cannot help but notice the nicely size (big) LCD screen control panel that Lexmark has implemented on the Interact S605 Printer. This is nice not only for functionality, but for usability. So many printer now boast an LCD screen control panel display but often times they’re hard to use and smaller then the screen on a cell phone. This isn’t the case with the Lexmark s605. I’m pleased to say that you won’t have any problems finding the functions or applying them with his nice and big LCD display.

There is only one physical button present on the Lexmark s605 and it’s the “stop” button. I have a feeling that Lexmark has been doing some heavy research into user friendliness experiments and has come up with this as a way to stop convoluted displays in their future models. The physical stop button is a great addition to this printer and though subtle, is extremely nice to have on the machine.

As standard with other Lexmark models (and more expensive ones), the Lexmark Interact s605 comes with the Lexmark Smart Solutions function. Think of the Lexmark Smart Solutions as a way to download apps to your printer, fully customize print jobs and tailor the printer exactly to your needs. This is an extremely useful feature not only because of it’s convenience, but because by allowing users to customize their machines the user doesn’t have to keep buying new printers for new features. One can simply download an app for extra features which shows just how much Lexmark cares for their customers. They sacrifice future sales for a high quality product.

Lexmark promises more Smart Solutions to come in the future, but the current stock with which they’ve released the machine is more than sufficient for my personal needs. They have smart solutions for finding the nearest retailer that sells the Lexmark cartridge needed to power this printer. They have Smart Solutions for eco printing (printing on both sides of the page) and many more.

Printing speed is good, not great. I get the feeling that Lexmark needed to decide whether to focus on print speed or usability during the engineering process and decided to focus on usability, which was a wise choice. To me, I can wait a bit longer for my print job to be done and run the machine effectively with no errors easier than I can tolerate it having a fast print speed but accompanied by loads of errors and a learning curve.

Print Quality is great. Granted, that’s not saying much because printers as of late have all pretty much nailed print quality. It all comes down to user friendliness now and Lexmark has nailed that with the Interact s605 Printer. All in all, I would recommend this printer to anybody who printer occasionally to semi-frequently and it does a great job at home. If you run an office, you’re going to need something faster.