Konica Minolta Bizhub 180 Tips

Some helping tips about konica Minilta Bizhub 180:
To read total count: Press and hold “Status” key and then press “Yes” key. Use Up/Down arrow keys to select total, size, scans.
Imaging Unit Removal: Open front door and right side door. Imaging unit might slide right out. To desassemble: two scres in the front. Spread the flaps on the ends, rotate the drim unit and remove the developer unit.
Drum Removal: Remove and disassemble imaging unit as descreibed above. Unplug the erase lamp connector. Remove two screws and the drum shaft. Romove drum cylinder. User starting powder on new drum. 
Ozone Filter: Remove imaging unit. Your might also have to remover the developer unit and drum cylinder as described above. Remove the erase lamp and then remove the ozone filter.
Drum Cleaning Blade: With IU unit out of machine, blade is held in by three screws. Apparently you do not need to do any other disassmbly to remove the blade. Use starting powder on new blade.
Developer Replacement: You must first run the toner from the recycling area into the developer to be disposed of. To do this, enter the service mode. Remove the toner bottle. Go to ATDC auto adjust and run it twice. After removing IU and separating developer unit, empty developer and replace it with one package of new developer and perform service mode ATDC auto adjust.
Utility Mode:
Press “Utility” key. Select your choice with the up/down key or the number keys. Lock in with the “Yes” key. Exit by pressing “panel reset” button.