Konica 7020/7030 Tips and Repair

Konica 7020 is small size digital machine. Toner makes 26000 copies at standard A4 ratio. Developer life if about 200, 000. Drum life is 600,000 copies approximately. After 100,000 copies, the machine requires preventive maintenance including heat roller, pressure roller, fuser web, cleaning web, cleaning roller and heat sleeves.
How to change Developer:
Remove cover after removing two screws on the developer unit. Replace the developer with a new one and run the following simulation:
Press 3 and 6 simultaneously and turn the machine ON.
Select HV adjustment,
Press Next untill you see “L Detection”
Press the start key.
Machine should display “OK”.
Do not perform this process if you are not a technician.
Copy Quality Adjustment:
You may adjust copy density within the “36” mode.
Common Error messages:
Upper paper feed lift problem
Lower paper feed lift problem
Lower DB lift problem
Drum temperature too high
PCL connector problem
E26-1, -2, -3
Toner detection problem
Charge corona problem
Transfer Corona problem
High fuser temperature problem, bad thermister
F 18-1
Upper paper feed lift problem
F 26-1
Toner density level is low. No toner.
F 28-1
Charge Corona problem, check any leakage
F 34-2
High Fuser Temperature
E35-1, 35-6
Low fuser temperature
Open thermistr1.
F 37-1
Replace fuser cleaning web and reset the web counter in 36 mode.
How to reset Fusing Codes:
Press 2 and 5 simultaneously and turn on the machine ON. Dip swich 3, bit 1 is the fuser reset command, change 0 to 1, and press “ON”.