Inkjet Printers VS Laser Printers

It is essential to choose a good printer for your workstation. Be it at home or at work, selecting the right type of printer will allow for minimum frustration and maximum satisfaction. In a marketplace with hundreds or thousands of printer models, it can be quite confusing for the uninitiated to find and buy the right printer. This article aims to act as a guide to differentiate between inkjet and laser printers.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are widely available in stores. They are relatively cheap (ranging from $40 to $300) and are quite reliable. The advantage inkjet printers have over their laser counterparts is that the cost of operation is marginally lower and inkjet printers are generally more user friendly. This is partly because most inkjet printers, depending on make and model, support the swapping of individual ink cartridges. This means if your blue ink runs dry, you only have to replace the blue ink. Inkjet cartridges themselves can be refilled with certain accessories.

However, the drawbacks of inkjet printers are their slow printing rate and lower quality prints. As inkjet printers print line by line, the superheated cartridge nozzle must dace back and forth over the paper in order to fill in the page. The higher the quality of the print, the slower the printing. Also, even at the highest quality, the resolution and sharpness of the print will not be as good as that of a laser printer. This is due to the fact that inkjet printers are less precise. It may result in slightly jagged lines – although these are virtually unnoticeable unless scrutinized closely.

Laser Printers

Laser printers too are becoming more common. While they do cost slightly more than inkjet printers, the investment is worthwhile if you intend to print large quantities. The single biggest advantage of the laser printer is its speed. In the time that it takes to print one page on an inkjet printer, a laser printer would be able to print 5 pages. This feature makes laser printers ideal in a situation whereby you intend to print many pages fast, or multiple copies. Another advantage of laser printers is that they are remarkably precise. Images and lines come out straight as possible.

Like the inkjet printer, a laser printer is not without its faults and weaknesses. Unlike an inkjet, a laser printer is extremely costly to run. The toner cartridge (ink for lasers) is very costly. In fact, the toner often costs much much more than the printer in the long run. This is exacerbated when it comes to colored laser printers. Other shortfalls of laser printers are that they are susceptible to paper jams. This is because of the intensive use of the rollers.


The differences between a laser printer and an inkjet printer are significant. Do not rush into buying a laser printer just because it appears cheap. Rather, choose one that best suits your needs. As a general guide, inkjet printers are best for home use.