Inexpensive Laser Printer: HP Laserjet 1020 Laser Printer

My experience with HP Laser Printers goes back 6 years. My first printer was the HP 1100 which gave years of great service. When it was time to purchase a new laser printer, HP was my first stop. After reading the excellent reviews online on NewEgg decided to purchase a HP LaserJet 1020 Laser Printer for a little over $100. I had seen it in the electronic stores up to $179 and currently it is a little over $100 at


This is the perfect laser printer for small business, home office or personal use. The text quality is excellent for a black laser printer. Picture quality is good for a laser printer in this price range. The speed is good with 15 pages per minute and the first page prints out in about 10 seconds.

The installation is easy and this wonderful laser printer is simple to use. The directions were easy to understand to get this printer set up quickly. It is a compact printer with the paper trays being able to fold up when not in use. It only weighs 11 lbs. The noise level with this printer is quiet – better than average.

The tray is small, if you plan to do a lot of printing. It holds 150 sheets and the output tray holds about 100 sheets. If you have a big project, don’t leave the printer unattended for more than 10 minutes. After printing out 3,000-4,000 pages, there has never been a paper jam.

What makes this more amazing with the paper jams is the use of heavy-duty art backgrounds for personalized name gifts. This HP LaserJet 1020 laser printer has printed several hundred copies without an issue.

The toner is a full cartridge to start. It has a yield of 2,500 pages and I am still on my original cartridge. The replacement cartridges are not bad for a laser printer. They are about $60 on . You can find compatible replacement laser cartridges for about $15 less at places such as

There are only three potential issues with the HP LaserJet 1020 laser printer. First, the printer has only a 2mb memory. Second, like most printers, it does not come with a USB cable. Lastly, one cannot make copies with this printer.

The HP LaserJet 1020 laser printer cannot be beaten for the price. I had this printer for about a year and cannot give it a higher rating for a black text laser printer. Anyone who purchases this printer will not want to change to another.