HP Deskjet F4140 A Printer Not Worth the Money

Since printers tend to wear out quickly in our house, my wife and I will more than likely be looking for another printer/scanner/copier in the near future.

However, after helping my dad set up his new Hewlett-Packard Deskjet F4140 on his computer, I have to say it is a printer I won’t consider buying for myself.

Like most 3-in-one printers, the Deskjet promises convenience and great quality. It gives neither.

First the F4140 took forever to install. My dad’s computer isn’t brand new but it isn’t ancient either. Yet, I had to install and uninstall this printer several times before I could get it to work properly. It would work when I first installed it, but within a day, the computer wouldn’t recognize the printer.

I could understand this if he had Windows 95 or something on the computer. But, he has Windows XP so there’s really no excuse for that. The sad part is, even though the printer is now working, I have no idea what I did differently to get it to work properly. As a result, I still expect to get a call from my dad saying he’s once again having problems with it.

Maybe the headaches with installing would be worth it if the Deskjet F4140 offered amazing quality. But, it really doesn’t.

Despite several efforts to change settings on the printer, when it prints text, it is actually very grainy. It almost looks like something off of one of those old ink jet printers we used to own. We’ve only printed a couple of pictures with the printer and those weren’t very good either. You’re not going to have the same quality as you would with film or having the prints professionally done. But, the pictures seem to have a yellow tint to them regardless of us making several efforts to adjust the color.

Because of the efforts we’ve made with trying to improve the print quality, I also noticed quite quickly just how fast this printer goes through ink. I know new printers don’t usually have as much ink as a replacement cartridge would. But, within a few days, we were already running low on colored ink. This is probably because, to get any sort of quality, we had to have the printer set on the highest setting in terms of ink used. My dad got this printer on sale, but I think he’s going to lose the money he saved when he has to constantly buy replacement cartridges.

In fact, we are seriously considering returning this printer to the store and buying a completely different brand name because the quality just doesn’t fit the price.