HP D5460 Printer Review

I like the HP D5460 Printer because it offers excellent printing quality and multiple accessories. It even charges my electronics using the built in USB port. First, I like the small lcd screen to show when something is printing and when ink levels are low. Second, I like the card reader to print directly from a digital camera, it gets rid of all the hassle of transferring photos. Third, I love the dvd label maker, where you can put an actual dvd into a top compartment and it will print a label onto the front of the disk. Lastly, I like the fact that there are two different trays to print from, one for photos and one for regular paper.

The problems I have with this printer are that the trays stick out from the bottom of the printer instead of the top, causing it to take up more space. Second, I do not like how the printer makes so much noise when printing a document, it is extremely loud and unnerving. Lastly, it takes a very long time to boot up when printing your first document of the day. It makes all these click clack noises before the screen actually displays: Printing. The ink for the printer is very expensive as well. It is not a very cost effective printer.

I would like to grade this printer by giving it an 8/10 or a B. It does offer a wide variety of features, but those are not enough to make up for the annoyances caused by the printer. With its current design and printing speed/noise level, it is hard to like this printer. It’s a huge piece of slow, noisy machinery, and has become somewhat of a burden. I am ore in the mood of a sleek, quiet printer, the exact opposite of what I have. In conclusion, I would like to state that I would have returned it months ago, if I still had the receipt.