HP C2780 All in One Wireless Printer Review

Let me just start off by saying that having owned several printers and have multiple computers in the same room that any time I can reduce the amount of cables and have better placement then that’s a product I want to look at. This printer being wireless allows placement in any area where it can receive a signal and be plugged into power – so it’s easy just to throw this in another room and let it print away when needed.

So let me describe how I have this wired so you can compare to your situation and see whether it’s as ideal for you as it is for me. I have internet plugged into a wireless router, I have 3 pc’s cabled by hardline into the router and I have one laptop running wireless and a Tivo running wireless as well – then I have the printer connected by wireless so that any PC can print using the printer.

You can see from the example that you can have a great deal of flexibility with this printer because once you install the software you can print or scan from any computer connected to the router as it creates a network printer for you. Printing is not immediate when you hit print but it will start just a minute or so after you have instructed it too.

In addition the printer is a scanner and copier as well as a fax machine. The copier comes in handy when you need that and you can scan to any computer if you install the software onto the computer. So really without being too tech savvy this printer gives you a tonne of flexibility in placement and set-up and it doesn’t even have to be in the same room.

Print quality is excellent and in 5 months of mainly black printing mixed in with some occasional color I haven’t burnt out my first cartridge yet – (although in black) I’m getting pretty close. So combine this with a cheap laser printer in your network and you have every capability that you could ask for in the personal or small business set-up.

If you want the one thing I’m underwhelmed by is the paper tray. it holds a good amount of paper but the design is a slide in type and to be honest I prefer to load a tray where I can put a tonne of paper in and leave it alone. With this design the amount of paper storage is limited but really this is the only area I can pick on it.

Price wise I picked it up for $160 and at that price given the features and flexibility it’s an absolute steal. Pick one up you definitely will not be disappointed.