Blog HP 3050 Wifi All in One Printer Review

    HP 3050 Wifi All in One Printer Review

    I have wanted a wireless or WIFI printer for quite some time and finally got one after Christmas. My son has the HP 3050 and recommended it highly. For the price I could not say no. Besides that he said it was easy to set up and offered to come over and set mine up for me. A total Win Win.

    Pictures: I added some photos so you can see what the printer and controls look like. Just here to see the photos of my HP 3050 All in One Wifi Printer

    Set up: The set up took him only a few minutes. He had to put a disk in my laptop and go through some sort of on screen set up. The HP 3050 desk jet was able to access my wireless router through my laptop without having to enter my code or anything. We have windows 7 but the instructions say this printer will also work with Windows Vista or XP. I can not say how easy the set up is with those other systems but it was great with Windows 7.

    What it does: The HP Deskjet 3050 Prints, Scans and Copies all through a wireless connection. It will also make copies without the use of a computer at all. Just put whatever you want to copy in the scanner and press to print it in color or black and white. You can also change the paper type and quality either on the front of the printer or from your computer.

    How well it does it: I am thoroughly impressed with the HP 3050 wireless ink jet printer. I can not believe the quality of print I get from such an inexpensive unit.

    Thanks for reading my review: If you have any questions or comment please leave them below. I would be happy to back to answer questions.



    The entire control panel is on the right side for quick access and navigating, on top are slots for SD and CF memory cards (other cards require an adapter), and on the left is an AV, USB 2, and PictBridge connectivity panel. The interface menus are straightforward and easy to learn.

    The E centerpiece is a bright, sharp,4″ anti-glare, 640×480-pixel LCD. It uses a four-color filter system that extends the color gamut by supporting 24-bit images up to 16.7 million colors, covering sRGB and approximating Adobe RGB color space. In the field, the P-5000 operates flawlessly, replacing a burdensome laptop, although I’d feel more secure if Epson provided a protective leather case with cutouts to access controls instead of the thin foam pouch included. The solid, compact body design is practical and elegant with smooth, ergonomic, bilateral handgrips. The solid, compact body design is practical and elegant with smooth, ergonomic, bilateral handgrips.

    Its wide angle of view allows several people to view images simultaneously and files can be seen easily in the daylight, making culling in the field practical. It can download a 1-GB Ultra II SanDisk CF card in less than 3 minutes and, on a full charge, I was able to download forty 1-GB cards. The solid, compact body design is practical and elegant with smooth, ergonomic, bilateral handgrips. The P-5000 supports TIFF, JPEG, and extensive RAW file formats. As a multimedia player, some may find it a disappointment because there’s no FM radio and, at review time, the Epson Link 2 file-management software wasn’t able to convert and transfer the audio portion of some TV shows and movies. The Epson P-5000 is primarily a first-rate, portable, file-storage tool for professional photographers.

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