How to Take Care of Your Printer

Very few people really take cares of their printers. We all take care of the computer screen, the keyboard and just about everything but the printer. The reason behind this is that we don’t need to use the printer that often. Our attention shifts to the printer only when the paper gets stuck up or when the printing is not up too the mark.

Printers pose several problems and that too need to be dealt with sometimes quite frequently. This is due to the fact that heavy usage is out on them. However, the best part is that they the problems can be easily and effectively fixed. It doesn’t take too much of time.

Almost all the printing problems can be effectively solved if we pay a small amount of attention to our printers. The printer must be properly maintained and this is really not difficult. In fact, it is quite easy. Just take out few minutes from you busy schedule and you will see the difference yourself.

Poor print output is the most common printing problem. People usually complain that several lines were missing in the printed page or there were different types of lines present on the printed page. This problem can be effectively solved by using the printer regularly. You must make it a point to use your printer at least twice a week. This will make sure that the ink doesn’t dry up and keep on flowing from the nozzle. The printer nozzles are very small, and you can prevent their blockage by using them regularly.

You must print something twice a week the printing should be done both in color and black. You should put a reminder in your mobile phone about this. You can print anything you like; it may even be a multi-colored web page.

Don’t forget to switch off your printer after you have used it. This will increase the efficiency of the printer. Instead of the power strip, always use the on and off switch on the printer. The head capping mechanism of the printer gets activated when you use the on and off switch and this prevents the clogging of the ink nozzles.

Ink cartridges are difficult to handle especially the chips and electrical contacts. So you need to be careful while replacing them. The fingerprint oil may damage the cartridges. Due to this, the printer won’t identify the cartridge and lead to poor printing quality. You can use a q-tip to clean them.

Another way to improve the printer function is by removing the debris and paper dust. Papers leave behind a lot of dust in the printer. You thus need to clean your printer from inside. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the printing frequency and the types of pages used.

The printer has some in-built diagnostic tools. You must learn to use them properly. They will help you solve a number of printer problems. Just go to the start menu, click on the control panel and then select “Printers and Faxes” from there. Choose your default printer, and a printer status dialog box will pop up. You can then use the help option for solving various troubleshooting problems.

Your printer will function effectively if you follow some simple steps mentioned above. These steps are easy to follow, less time consuming and require no money.