How to Set Up Your Wireless Printer

You gotta love technology! Everyday, technology is becoming more updated, evolving to become better and faster so that sometimes it seems it even takes on a life of it own. Now that I have scared you a little bit and maybe reminded you of the movie Terminator, let us get to the business at hand.

Computers nowadays are able to communicate with each other via cables or through wireless signals. Newer printers also have the same capabilities. To some people, some printers have support via bluetooth or wi-fi while others do not. So with this article, I will help you set up your printer so you can print from anywhere in your home, even from your laptop, without having to do the hassle of lugging your printer around and plugging it into your other computers everytime you need to print something.

First thing we need is a wireless router. I personally find this little gadget very helpful. I have a simple Linksys wireless router that I bought in Best Buy for $60. Some wireless routers are cheaper, others are much more expensive.

Okay now that we are set, it’s time to take that printer to the next level of cool.

1. With your newly bought wireless router, install the cd that came with it (if it came with it) and follow the intructions so you can set up a wireless network.

2. Plan a location where the printer will be set. It is important to put the printer with the MAIN computer becuase it needs this computer to be able to print wirelessly.

3. Connect your printer to the MAIN computer via USB or ethernet. Then plug/turn your printer on.

4. Now you will go to the “Start” menu on your computer, go to “Control Panel”, then to “Printers”.

5. Then select the printer that you want the papers to print from, right-click on it then select “Properties”.

6. After you have done that, there should be some tabs on the top : General, Sharing, Ports, Advanced, Color Management, Security, and Maintenace. You will want to click on the “Sharing” tab.

7. After you clicked on the “Sharing” tab, there should be a box below that says “Share this printer”. Check it, press the “Apply” button, then the “OK” button.

8. Now if you have other computers around the house, you will have to configure them so they can find the printer within the network that you just set up.

9. In the other computers, just simply go to “Start”, “Control Panel”, “Printers”, and finally “Add a Printer”.

10. Then it will ask you for two options: Add a local printer or Add a network, wireless, or bluetooth printer. Choose the second option.

11. Then the computer will try to find the available printer and if it finds it then you are ready to go!

12. If it does not find the printer, then go to “Start”, “Network”, click on the name of your Main Computer, then you should see a printer there. If you do, then right-click on the printer and press “Connect”.

13. Try to print from the main computer first, then try out a test print from another computer within your network. If it works, then congratulations, you have set up a wireless printer and should enjoy printing anywhere in your home.

NOTE: In order for the wireless printer to work, you must leave the MAIN computer on. You can turn off the monitor but not the whole computer itself.

I hope I have given you simple instructions on how to set up your wireless printer, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a message so I can better assist you. Thank you and good luck!