How to Recycle Your Printer Cartridges

Recycling your printer cartridges not only reduces waste and helps the environment, but also is economically beneficial for both manufacturer and consumer. Many makers of printer cartridges and stores that sell them offer consumers the ability to send or drop off empty cartridges at no cost to the consumer. Some stores and companies will even pay you for your empty cartridges which they then refill with fresh ink, repackage, and sell at a discounted price. Some consumers will find offers such as discounts on new purchases, donations to charity from the sale of empty cartridges, and even extra cash in their pockets.

The easiest way to recycle your printer cartridges is to check on the packaging to see if the manufacturer or store you purchased it from offer free cartridge returns either through in store drop boxes or free mailing labels. You can also take your used and empty printer cartridges to the place you purchased them at to ask about their recycling program. Many grocery stores are getting involved by offering free drop boxes for everything from used cell phones to empty printer cartridges. Most of these stores work with local charities to help collect used items which are then refurbished (refilled in the case of printer cartridges) and given away or sold with proceeds going back to the charity.

As a consumer there are more options than ever when it comes to recycling your empty printer cartridges. If you are interested in getting paid for your empty cartridges or are looking for store discounts in exchange for turning in your empty ink cartridges the best thing to do is visit the store where you originally purchased the cartridge and ask about any recycling programs they may have.

If you’d like to see your recycled printer cartridge benefit a charity; simply contact the charity of your choice to see if they participate in any printer cartridge recycling programs. Or if you want to donate but don’t have a particular charity in mind; most printer cartridge recycling drop off points in grocery stores, pharmacies, and some retail stores are there for donation purposes.

Even if you simply take advantage of a manufacturer’s free mail in service to collect empty ink cartridges; you’ll still be doing a good thing for the environment by reducing waste and reducing the amount of energy needed to make new ink cartridges. Keep in mind that whatever option you choose, that ink cartridges donated to charity or exchanged for payment or store credit must be in good shape. The cartridges cannot be cracked or damaged. Those sent back by mail that are not reusable will still be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, but generally won’t be eligible for payments, store credits, or charity use.

Recycle your used and empty printer cartridges to help the environment, help a charity, or put a few extra dollars in your pocket. Whatever your motivations for recycling, the end result is better than tossing those cartridges in the trash can.