How to improve copy/print quality

Copiers are an essential part of today’s office. A lot of work is done with multifunction products like copying, printing and scanning documents. Did you ever notice that most users just press the start button when they make copy, scan or print skipping their first chance to optimize the image quality?

Every copier machine has different modes for different kind of documents. Copier machines can’t decide the type of original itself. You need to tell the device what kind of document you are going to scan. Applying wrong setting may give poor results.

If you look on to the operational panel you will find a mode labeled “original type” or something like that. Under this mode several sub-settings are available like “Text”, “Photo” and “Text/Photo”. In case you want to scan a page that contains only text you should select “Text” mode so that characters print with high contrast and sharpness. “Photo mode” is ideal for photos. Some advanced copiers may ask more details like whether the “photo” is glossy, printed or a copied photo etc.

This is an example of what you can do to improve your copier experience. For detailed instructions and available functions refer to the user guide of the device.

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