How to Find and Buy the Best Printer for You

Are you in the market for a new printer? Before you scamper off to your local electronics store or drop one in your online shopping cart, there are some considerations you should think about. Will you need color, or is black and white sufficient? Do you want a simple printer, or an all-in-one model? Do you want laser or ink-jet? And then there are all the different brands to take into account. If all of these points have you frazzled, don’t worry. By answering the following question, you can decide which printer is the right one for you.

What do you print? If your printing efforts consist of word processor documents sans any colored graphics and an occasional email message, a basic black ink printer will probably work fine for you. On the other hand, if you see your printer as part of your arts and crafts tools collection, you are going to require some bells and whistles.

When considering a printer to purchase, find out what types of paper it can handle according to your needs. Think of all the different sorts of print jobs you might perform in a typical month. Do you need to be able to print onto envelopes and card stock? Finally, take note of how many pieces of paper a potential new printer will hold. You might not want to have to baby-sit a large job.

How much will it cost you? Price is an obvious consideration. But remember to consider more than just the cost of the printer itself. An inexpensive printer won’t be as big of a bargain if the ink cartridges cost an arm and a leg. You will probably be better off buying a moderately priced printer that uses more reasonable ink replacements.

What is the brand? Do some research and find out which brands have a better reputation. Check out non-partisan consumer websites and publications for product ratings by brand as well as model. Another great way to find out how a particular printer works is by finding a website that offers ratings and reviews from other people who have purchased that model. These everyday users are able to provide you with real life issues as well as benefits.

Do you need to do more than just print? Today there are a multitude of all-in-one models that do much more than produce a nice document or picture. If you need to scan documents and pictures, create photocopies, send faxes or all of the above on a regular basis, it might be worth your while to look into a multifunction printer. Not only are you likely to save money by purchasing one machine instead of three or four, but these all-in-one models are wonderful space savers as well.

When you have finally determined what you need, shop around. Scan price comparison websites for retail locations offering the best price. Brick-and-mortar retail locations are a good choice if you want to “test drive” a few models (imperative if you’re going for a multifunction model). Another benefit of shopping at a local retailer is that many will match prices of other stores’ sales, and there’s no added shipping cost. If you decide to shop online, do a quick search for internet coupons before you shop.