How to Create Printer Friendly Pages for Your Readers

Some times the information that we find on the Web is so useful, interesting, or cute, that we simply must print a copy to share or reread at a more leisurely pace. Therefore, creating a printer friendly Web page is essential if you want your readers coming back for more.

Reading articles online is often difficult for some individuals. In some cases, the font may be too small for easy reading. In other cases, too many distractions simply exist on the page that he or she is trying to read. Advertising online is big business, and therefore, many pages on the Web include flashing, blinking, brightly colored advertisements that can distract people from the true content of the page.

One way to create an easy to read version of your Web page for the printer is to eliminate the ads in the printer friendly version. Remove the links and ads that are unnecessary for the content of the article to streamline the page. The printer won’t use as much ink and that will also make your readers happy.

Any images that are included on the Web page that are not vital to the content should be removed from the printer friendly version of the page. This helps to focus the attention on to the content, which is probably the main reason that the page is being printed. Animated images should always be removed from printer friendly versions since they won’t print well in the first place. Again, less ink will be required to print the page.

Additionally, if you used a small font for your Web page, you may want to consider switching to an easier to read font style and size for your printer friendly version. Reading a larger font size is easier on almost anyone’s eyes.

Another useful tactic is to use black font on a white background for printer friendly versions of Web pages. Not only will this ensure that it is easy to read, but also, it will not require a printer with color ink capacity. It will print exactly as it is viewed unlike pages that are displayed in color and printed with printers that are low on the color ink cartridge.

If links are included in the content on the Web page, make sure that they stand out in some way so that they are easily found. For example, you can underline them or have them in bold so that the reader can find them quickly should he or she decide to use them.

If you give the right to print your information, state your restrictions on the printer friendly version of your material. Include a copyright with your work. This will dissuade honest individuals from using your work as their own even though it will not dissuade or prevent dishonest individuals from stealing your work.